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Visual Storytelling at the Booth

Congresses and specialist conferences offer unique opportunities to get in touch with health care professionals. In order to interest them in any in-depth discussion, a sophisticated booth and outstanding visual concepts are needed, such as Virtual Reality (both with and without glasses), stereoscopic films, touch screen installations and scientific games. All of these provide countless opportunities to interact with the visitors to your booth. Beyond simply wowing them with special effects, though, the goal should always be to create for them a Eureka moment of real understanding.

Examples from various projects for your congress booth

The science behind your product or new compound can be explained and visualized at a trade show as:

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Trade show marketing ideas

How can you best grab attention at a scientific congress or medical exhibition? Visual Storytelling can help prepare your market and get ready for the product launch by showcasing your therapeutic approach’s latest study results and data.

A special medical fair idea is using something unique and more engaging than a traditional film to capture the visitors’ attention and convince them of your product’s quality. For example, virtual reality can be used to give the HCP community a unique 360-degree perspective of your product or information.

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Though traditional text-heavy learning tools are easier to produce, numerous studies have shown that the best learning results generally come from combinations of text, images, and – best of all – interaction.


Your various target groups, such as healthcare professionals, patients, investors and shareholders demand tailor-made information about product benefits. Most importantly, scientific and product-related facts such as the underlying mechanism of action have to be communicated effectively, within the industry and beyond.

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Explaining the mechanism of a disease (MoD) or the disease pathophysiology in a clear and concise way is crucial to help healthcare professionals, patients, investors, and other target groups fully understand a disease.

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You have a promising investigational compound to address an unmet medical need. However, there are many hurdles on the way to a successful product, and it is often necessary to convince others of your compound‘s potential. Above all, results need to be communicated to various target groups.

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Do the following situations seem familiar to you? The trial results for your product are excellent. They are, however, also extremely comprehensive, full of data and difficult to understand. With the help of Visual Storytelling, scientific studies, data and processes can be simplified and explained more clearly.

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