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Explain the mechanism of action
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Visual storytelling from antibodies to zymogens

A mechanism of action is vital for differentiating a pharmaceutical or biotech product from competitors. You need to ensure your employees understand your product’s MoA and can communicate it clearly and precisely to health care professionals.

The mechanism of action of a pharmaceutical agent can be visualized in different ways and at different levels of detail:

Engaging scientific illustration

In a scientific illustration, complex processes are presented compactly on a single page. Whether you have to show the signs of a disease, or signaling cascades involved in its pathophysiology, various stylistic options offer a wide range of possibilities.

Animated slide decks

An animated slide deck brings movement to the presentation of complex processes of a MoA or MoD. The sequential structure guides the target group step by step through the successive processes. This leads to better memorization.

Slide Decks are therefore particularly suitable for scientific presentations or self-study modules.

Medical animation and explainer videos

Animated videos are the gold standard for presenting a drug’s mechanism of action or disease’s pathophysiology. The visual approach can be tailored to your audience and your message. For communication with patients, an illustrated explainer video with a friendly voice-over offers accessible visuals with a warm tone. For congress booths aimed at HCPs, sophisticated 3D animation can add credibility and dive deeper into your story.

Medical animation examples

Explainer video examples

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