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The Challenge

The restrictions on personal visits to doctors and pharmacy staff inevitably result in the need for other communication channels.

Especially in online meetings, sales reps and MSLs must be able to convincingly communicate complex issues in a short period of time while still keeping the attention of their customers.

Existing materials are mostly designed for personal visits and are not optimized for engaging online meetings.

We need an engaging slide deck that our representatives can use to have purposeful conversations with our customers in online meetings.

The Solution

Online meeting systems such as Zoom, Teams, and WebEx offer excellent opportunities to reach and persuade target audiences with well-made slides through the screenshare function. Unlike self-study slide decks, presentation decks contain less on-screen text and the focus of the slides is on clear visual elements. If the slides follow the concept of visual storytelling, MSLs can be responsive and quick when explaining study results and field sales reps can effectively train pharmacy staff.

PowerPoint is the most effective way to present an engaging scientific story. This is because PowerPoint is a tool that most are familiar with, so there is no technical hurdle.



MSL with a fully reactive study deck

Sales Rep


Sales representative provides training for pharmacy staff

At the start of the project, the available materials are reviewed and structured by our medical content developers. The first rough structure of the presentation is usually created directly in PowerPoint and further developed in various coordination rounds with the customer. After approval, our creative team implements the individual slides and develops various visual solutions.

Our scientific team has a high level of scientific understanding, works with professional referencing software, and follows the highest standards of correct scientific work. They are familiar with industry-standard approval systems such as PromoMats and can work within the client’s approval infrastructure.

  • A high level of scientific understanding

  • Professional referencing

  • Extensive experience with approval processes

Objection handling through clever navigation elements

Objection handling through clever navigation elements

By cleverly incorporating navigation elements, the representative is able to add additional content to the lecture as needed within a pharmacist’s training session. In a scientific online meeting, the MSL can quickly jump to specific study slides and thus effectively respond to objections.

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