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The Challenge

A drug’s mechanism of action is one of the most important differentiators of a product from the competition. It is therefore absolutely vital that physicians understand these mostly molecular processes.

Illustrating these complex processes in an animated video can more effectively inform audiences about the disease and its treatment. An audience that thoroughly understands the molecular and cellular processes leading to the disease is better able to understand exactly where and how a specific product interacts with them.

We would like to get a medical animation video that gives our physicians a better understanding of our product’s MoA.

The Solution

A medical animation video helps professional audiences fully understand how a drug blocks a receptor or how a virus infects a cell. Three-dimensional space and dynamic cinematography help the viewers better appreciate the proportion and appearance of key cell types, proteins, microbes, and their roles in the story.

At CAST PHARMA we combine all these advantages in our various types of medical animation. We use stylistic elements such as 3D animation and 2D infographics to clearly convey the intended communication goal.

  • 2D Effective

  • 2D and 3D elements are moved across the screen
    • Effective entry into scientific communication
    • Visual language that focuses on the essentials
  • 2D/3D Cross-over

  • Meaningful combination of 3D animation and 2D infographic elements
    • Clear and modern visual language
    • Ideal way to tell a complex yet visually appealing story
  • 3D Impact

  • Appealing 3D animation for maximum visual impact
    • Eye-catcher for (virtual) congress booths
    • Cutting edge animation to impress audiences
  • Custom

  • 2D/3D animation in combination with other elements (e.g., interviews)
    • Your individual mix tailored to your story
    • Real footage or stock material
  • upon request

The development of a medical animation video begins with researching the available materials. Our experienced medical content developers first develop a storyline, which is further developed into a detailed storyboard, always in close coordination with the client.

In addition to applying their scientific understanding, our team works with professional referencing software and follows the highest standards of correct scientific work.

They are familiar with industry-standard approval systems such as PromoMats and can work within the client’s approval infrastructure.

At the end of each project, our clients receive editable files to ensure easy localization of the materials.

  • A high level of scientific understanding

  • Professional referencing

  • Extensive experience with approval processes

  • Editable and easily adaptable deliverables

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