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The Challenge

Medical devices save lives and make it easier for patients to manage their illness.

It is therefore particularly important that medical staff in hospitals or doctors’ practices receive high-quality training in the use of medical devices. In addition to digital or printed manuals, animated videos should be part of the training to give the medical staff clear instructions on a device’s use.

We need an animated film that can train hospital staff to use our medical device.

The Solution

A medical animation video helps educate medical staff about the device’s unique points, advances, features, and benefits. Marketing and training managers use medical device animations both to explain product advantages and to train healthcare professionals and medical staff in the correct use of a medical device. This ensures that protocols are followed in the interest of patient safety.

Plus: the use of CAD data guarantees a detailed and accurate visualization of the medical device throughout the film.

An animation project for a medical device begins with the reading of existing materials, which are usually available in printed form or digitally as step-by-step instructions. In addition to the sequence of the animation video, the planned look of the animations and the ratio of spoken word to on-screen text are discussed with the client. As soon as the sequence of the video is approved, the implementation of the animations, final cut, and dubbing begin.

In addition to applying their scientific understanding, our team works with professional referencing software and follows the highest standards of correct scientific work.

They are familiar with industry-standard approval systems such as PromoMats and can work within the client’s approval infrastructure.

At the end of each project, our clients receive editable files to ensure easy localization of the materials.

  • A high level of scientific understanding

  • Professional referencing

  • Extensive experience with approval processes

  • Editable and easily adaptable deliverables

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