Bowel Cleansing

Illustrating a sensitive subject

What did the client need?

Shortly after their product launch, our client wanted to produce a 3D animation about their bowel cleansing product. Despite the sensitive topic, they wanted to illustrate not only the product’s mode of action on a cellular level, but also the treatment results in the bowel. Unlike other bowel cleansing products at the time, our client had developed a fruity flavor, making their product attractive for adult and pediatric patients alike. The aim was to produce different versions of the film for physicians, adult patients, and pediatric patients to address this diverse audience.

How did we meet this need?

To make the videos as versatile as possible, we developed a set of different modules for the film: Introduction, mode of action, dosing guidelines for adults, pediatric dosing guidelines, and product summary. These modules could be combined to create suitable films for all patients and physicians. Graphically, the animation of the human 3D models and the realistic yet attractive animation of the bowel were the most challenging scenes. Immediately after the English master was approved, we also produced several language adaptations for the local affiliates.

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