Medical Animation and Explainer Videos


Medical animation and explainer videos

To explain the mechanism of action of a drug or the mode of a disease, we produce medical animation and explainer videos with the right visual and didactic approach for the message and the audience. Finding the best approach takes creative experience, scientific expertise, and a solid workflow.

We work with an in-house team of medical content developers to ensure that everything we create is medically accurate and consistent with the available scientific evidence. And we produce our videos in a way that makes them easy to edit and adapt for use in different countries.

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Mechanism of action

Every treatment has a unique story to tell

Even a very complicated mechanism of action can be explained clearly and vividly. Using graphical universes of varying complexity and diverse output formats, we can customize your MoA for different purposes and target audiences such as medical affairs, key opinion leaders, and other stakeholders. The advantage of visually presenting the abstract concept of an MoA is that graphics are very memorable: essential information about your product is understood by and stays with your audience.

Mechanism of disease

Elucidating the background learners need

Illustrating a mechanism of disease can help raise awareness about the disease and its treatment. An audience that thoroughly understand the molecular and cellular processes leading to the disease is better able to understand exactly where and how a specific product interacts with them. Our diverse visual output formats allow you to depict multistep processes comprehensively and vividly. Animated films explaining the MoD can make an emotional impact, leading to a deeper understanding of the disease and its burden on patients.

Study Presentation Videos

Communicating study results effectively

Scientific studies and clinical trials usually come in a text-heavy format. That means several pages of black print on white paper. Multi-clause sentences often more than 5 lines long, loaded with uncommon abbreviations. And a staggering amount of data in long, grey tables or confusing diagrams plotting several curves.

It’s no wonder that not everyone can share in the enthusiasm about a pivotal phase III 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, multi-center, parallel group clinical trial. They simply can’t understand it. A powerful, multimedia tool to elicit excitement and enthusiasm for communicating study results is an animated video.

Examples from different projects

Examples from different projects

Explainer Videos

Reach out to audiences with less scientific knowledge

Audiences with limited scientific knowledge such as investors and patients require a different approach to get them information about a specific disease, a new treatment option, or clinical trials currently enrolling participants.

Explainer videos involve short animated sequences that focus on explaining scientific concepts in a simple, engaging, and compelling way, by using clear and concise language and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention.

Medical devices

Providing clear instructions

A medical animation is the ideal tool to explain the structure and function of medical devices. Marketing and training managers use medical device animations to explain the product advantages and train healthcare professionals and medical staff on the correct use of a medical device with patients to help ensure that protocols are followed in the interest of patient safety.

Examples from different projects

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