How to present facts with visual storytelling

Today we want to look at an example of how facts can be either lost or presented with impressive visual storytelling. The initial slide lists too many facts as boring bullet points, so the target audience is forced to read text instead of focusing on the presenter.

This means important facts cannot be conveyed, and the goal of the presentation is not achieved. The entire slide deck needs to be developed into a presentation that tells a consistent story.

Input material provided

What can be done to keep the audience’s attention?

An attractive slide design helps convey the relatively dry facts and figures. Longer presentations with many details can be particularly tiring for their target groups. We therefore moved the less important facts into the speaker’s notes in order to focus on a few facts supported by visual elements (donut charts). These elements build up sequentially during the presentation, which is an additional advantage in conveying the content.

You have problematic slides in your deck?

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