Understanding the concept of an anti-tumor vaccine

In today’s episode of our series “How to make complex medical science accessible”, we will show how we turned a complex immunological cascade set off by an anti-tumor vaccine into an easily understandable step-by-step sequence in PowerPoint.

Let’s start together

There are many types of treatments for cancer, such as small molecule drugs and therapeutic antibodies. Communicating how a new treatment such as an anti-tumor vaccine works is challenging. In this project, it was important to make sure an audience of non-scientific biotech investors understood how an anti-tumor vaccine targets multiple tumor escape mechanisms. There were different input materials, such as the following illustration. This illustration worked well for scientists but was less successful for people who needed to understand the concept of an anti-tumor vaccine as such.

Input material provided

So what can be done?

The complex scientific input was broken down into a plain and comprehensible graphical universe. By personalizing the cells and making them good guys and bad guys, the complex immunological cascade was simplified into something more familiar. We made the style light-hearted in contrast to common scientific explanations to keep the viewer’s attention.

For better understanding, each illustration has a clear entry point and processes are shown step by step in a film-like composition so that the audience can easily follow without information overload. Overall, the sequential structure of the presentation allows the viewer to determine the speed of knowledge transfer.


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