Reinforcement training tools: How to develop transferable knowledge

Learning is not a singular event. It’s a journey. A crucial part of this journey is developing transferable knowledge that lets us apply what we’ve learned in many different contexts.

Learning facts, concepts, and terminology is the first step towards developing transferable knowledge. When taking this first step, learners may face these three challenges:

  1. Quickly forgetting newly acquired knowledge

The reason for this can be explained using Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve—no matter how hard we study, if we don’t repeat or use our newly acquired knowledge, we quickly start to forget it.

  1. Being unable to apply newly acquired knowledge

This phenomenon is often described as the illusion of knowledge—although we are confident we understood something, we are often unable to explain what we learned or apply it.

  1. Being unable to use the knowledge in a different context

The reason for this is that we often learn isolated facts—when learning new information in just one context, we often struggle to fuse this information with our existing knowledge and use it in a different context.

Reinforcement training tools support learners in overcoming these challenges. They don’t just promote repetition of knowledge but also help learners deepen their understanding and develop transferable knowledge using a few key strategies:

  1. Tackling the forgetting curve

Summarizing and retrieving previously acquired knowledge on a regular basis using flashcards, job aids, and interactive microlearning modules that are mobile-based helps the learner maintain previously acquired knowledge.

  1. Applying newly acquired knowledge

Applying previously acquired knowledge in masterclasses and webinars helps learners deepen their understanding and confidently discuss what they’ve learned with peers and experts.

  1. Connecting the dots

Relating new knowledge to existing knowledge and applying it in a different context helps learners draw conclusions and use their knowledge in any situation.

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