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Visual storytelling for scientific publications

The success of a pharmaceutical on the market depends on its efficacy and tolerability, which are determined in clinical trials. Understanding these studies, their rationale, the patient groups involved, the study design, and the results are crucial.

Studies can be prepared and visualized in different ways and at different levels of detail:

One pager, infographic, or graphical abstract

A graphical or visual abstract is a single, concise, pictorial summary of the main findings of a clinical study quickly and to-the-point. Engaging visuals provide readers with an overview of the study much faster than a traditional text abstract. Many publications now accept visual abstracts, and some have even started to require them.

Slide decks and eLearning modules

Transforming a study into a slide deck is the classic way to share results. The typical contents such as study design, study results and conclusions are summarized and visualized one after the other according to the required level of detail.

Animated slide decks and videos

Animated slide decks combine the best of both worlds: the editability and interactive possibilities of a slide deck with the engaging features of an animated video. A professional voice-over turns a slide deck into a cinematic experience. It’s only a small step to a fully animated study visualization video.

Animated slide deck examples

Animation video examples

Free visual storytelling whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we look at how studies are typically presented, highlight common mistakes, and demonstrate how visual storytelling can visualize a study and its results.

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Your data has an important story to tell. And your audience will benefit from learning that story. With clear, appealing visuals and a solid design, your scientific story will make a big splash. This free whitepaper will show you ways to significantly improve your existing slide decks. And we’ll also take a look at some more creative uses of PowerPoint.

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