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The Challenge

Ensuring scientific articles reach readers and have a high impact is important to every researcher. But with the astronomical number of publications out there, it can be difficult and time consuming for readers to determine if the information contained in a paper is relevant to them. Therefore, journals are increasingly requesting the submission of a “graphical abstract” in addition to a traditional, written abstract.

But how do you develop a good “graphical” or “visual abstract”?

I need a visual abstract to allow readers to quickly understand the take-home messages of our paper.

The Solution

A “graphical abstract” or “visual abstract” is a concise pictorial summary of an article. Engaging visuals provide readers with an overview of the publication much faster than a traditional text abstract. They can convey the key findings of your research quickly and clearly. And they can be shared on a variety of platforms including journal websites, Twitter, and Linkedin. This makes your work easier to find and increases the likelihood it will be read, discussed, and cited.

CAST PHARMA’s team of medical content developers and graphical artists, with their combination of scientific and creative expertise, are able to work with you to create something that is professional – not promotional – and most importantly, scientifically accurate.  With an increasing number of journals requesting visual abstracts, CAST PHARMA can help ensure that you have something that meets the specific journal’s requirements while still standing out from the crowd.

Our scientific team works with professional referencing software and follows the highest standards of correct scientific work.

They are familiar with industry-standard approval systems such as PromoMats and can work within the client’s approval infrastructure.

  • A high level of scientific understanding

  • Professional referencing

  • Extensive experience with approval processes

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