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Illustrate a patient journey
or communicate with
a patient audience

Putting patients at the heart of your story

Patients should receive the best possible treatment for their disease. They need to learn about diseases and, with the help of a healthcare professional, find the right treatment. Patients and their relatives take an active role in their own education, seeking information on social media and the internet. This makes patient-centric materials vital, and they need to be appropriate, accurate, and well-designed.

Patient explainer videos

Animated videos are perfectly suited to reach patients via social media channels and websites. With various stylistic options, animated patient explainer videos can be tailored to your audience and their unique needs.

develop engaging infographics and illustrations for patients.

Use the power of visual storytelling to

explain patient journeys in an engaging way.

deliver instructional cards and videos about how to use medical devices.

explain patient journeys in an engaging way.

deliver instructional cards and videos about how to apply medical devices.

develop patient engagement materials.

Free medical animation brochure

In this overview document, we look at the typical workflow in the development of medical animation, highlight cost drivers, and provide some ballpark figures for project budgets.

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How do you develop a medical animation? And how much does it cost? Download our brochure and find out!

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