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The Challenge

Pharma and biotech employees always face the challenge of needing to absorb extensive areas of scientific data, often in a short period of time. The information needed about a drug, therapeutic area, or indication expansion is usually spread over a range of publications: studies, review papers, slide decks, videos, regulatory documents, conference materials, and other documents.

Focusing employees’ attention on essential aspects of the material and guiding them on a clear learning journey are two key goals. The existing materials are combined into an engaging solution: a didactic concept transforms the data into a self-study tool tailored precisely to its target group.

We need to combine our countless existing materials into an engaging training deck: a didactic, visually arresting, and comprehensible self-study tool for our employees.

The Solution

The knowledge transfer takes place on screen.

The knowledge transfer takes place via voice-over.

The knowledge transfer takes place via notes section.

Reviewing and structuring the existing material is the first step. We create the content outline in cooperation with the customer, fully considering every scientific point, and then develop this outline into a detailed concept.

Our team enjoys an impressive level of scientific understanding, is experienced with professional referencing software, and follows the highest standards of precise scientific work. We are comfortable with industry-standard approval systems such as PromoMats and can also, of course, work within the client’s approval infrastructure.

Our creative team creates the individual slides and visual solutions; these are then incorporated into either a provided design master or a freshly developed one. Various navigation elements ensure the user has the best possible learning experience.

  • A high level of scientific understanding

  • Professional referencing

  • Extensive experience with approval processes

If embedding into an existing Learning Management System (LMS) is desired, we can provide SCORM-compatible files that can be easily embedded into an existing infrastructure.

If embedding into an existing Learning Management System (LMS) is preferred, SCORM-compatible files, easily integrated into an existing infrastructure, can be provided.

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