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Every scientific story can be told in an interactive manner. Demonstrably, human beings retain facts and complex issues much better if they have explored them interactively, thus discovering causal relationships for themselves.

Today, we have a wealth of options for producing interactive media, from iPad-based trainings via touchscreen applications at congresses through to virtual reality. Even well-made PowerPoint presentations can be classed as interactive applications. But with all the wizardry that is technologically possible, the needs of the user must not fall by the wayside. Therefore, when developing interactive content, it is necessary to combine precise, user-friendly navigation with a well-conceived visual story.

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Human beings retain...

10% of what they read
(paper, study, book)

30% of what they see
(illustration, image)

50% of what they
see and hear
(video, animation)

90% of what they see
hear and experience
(interactive application)

A huge range of possible Interactive Applications

While it is relatively easy to integrate a linear video or a scientific illustration into existing platforms, technical requirements regarding interactive applications are usually significantly higher. However, in return, they provide a far wider range of possible interactive tools.

  • Applications for touchscreen devices such as iPad applications which support independent study and interactive training
  • Modular interactive video tutorials
  • Virtual reality applications
  • Interactive presentations with PowerPoint
  • Applications with an interactive screen for congress booths

Interactive Applications for various purposes

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