Make your scientific presentation fit for effective communication (Biotech)

Explaining investigational compounds
and new biotech technologies

As a clinical stage company or emerging biotech startup you have a promising investigational compound to address an unmet medical need. However, there are many hurdles on the way to a successful product, and it is often necessary to convince others of your compound‘s potential. Above all, results need to be communicated to various target groups including investors, study participants, and potential pharma partners.

Have you ever sat down, after spending hours and hours putting together a pitch deck for investors, and found yourself going back and forth between the individual slides, feeling less and less certain that they are going to do the job?

In an online meeting, you will learn from examples how to unlock the full potential of scientific slide decks.

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At CAST PHARMA, we work for medical and marketing teams responsible for scientific communication about innovative pharmaceutical and biotech products. Their challenge: the science behind their products is not sufficiently understood. With our unique visual storytelling approach, we help them explain complex scientific topics to internal as well as external audiences.

We make complex
medical science accessible!

Our Team

CAST PHARMA has been successful in the market for more than 20 years. With 2 locations in the US and Europe and 70 dedicated employees, we work for both global and local organizations. We offer a high degree of personal engagement with deep expertise in medical sciences, content strategy, technical understanding, and creative services. The unique combination of in-house medical expertise and creative expertise results in exceptional solutions that are cost-effective with a high ROI.