Scar Treatment

Guiding patient self-treatment

What did the client need?

As a producer of a scar treatment gel, our client wanted to establish their place in the competitive market by launching a new device that combined a gel dispenser and a massaging tool. Part of the launch campaign should be a patient-friendly animation film explaining the mode of action of the product, while at the same time introducing the new combination of gel application and massage technique. In addition, the client also wanted to produce a version of the film for professional audiences.

How did we meet this need?

To increase our client’s return on investment, we developed a detailed film for professional audiences and then used parts of the same material to produce a shorter film with a different voice over. This shorter version was more suitable for a patient audience and was shown on websites, in waiting rooms, and in pharmacies. It explained the processes taking place in the skin during scar development and provided a step-by-step demonstration of how to massage the scar and apply the gel.

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