Showcasing a sensitive
vividly and appealingly

Illustrating a unique and
novel method of administration to help
patients with perianal fistulas

An explanatory video for surgeons about a
new mode of administration

For their product launch, our client required a clearly structured explanatory video that presented their novel treatment and its alternative mode of administration to proctologists. Since real images would have been unpleasant for viewers, a convincing animation was the most appropriate way to address this delicate topic: the film shows perianal fistulas and the fistula surgery in as much detail as possible while still remaining visually appealing. Other fistula treatment approaches are only partially effective and rely on invasive surgical procedures, so our client addressed this unmet medical need by combining the new treatment with a minimally invasive method of administration. The modular animated film moves from the perianal fistula’s mechanism of disease through different aspects of its treatment, including administration of medication.

Our biggest challenge was conveying this new technology to proctologists in as much detail as possible without using deterrent imagery.

Other materials for product launch and congresses

Reference and still image for use in presentation and
print brochures

To accompany the medical product launch, the new method of administration was also demonstrated at events with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. To maintain a uniform design, still images of different stages of the perianal fistula treatment were created from the animation and integrated into the presentation. The customer also had these still images available for use in print brochures and on their website.

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