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What’s wrong with my slide deck?

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Diagnosing bad slides: what works and what doesn’t
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Lost opportunities

Slide decks can do more

Slide decks all too often have a reputation for being dusty, dry, and boring. Almost everyone has experienced lengthy presentations based on half-hearted, text-heavy slides. Information is often ripped from different sources and slapped together with little thought about visual appeal, consistency, or story flow. Though well-intentioned, this practice often fails to offer a clear focal point that grabs the audience’s attention and effectively relays core messages. At CAST PHARMA, we are convinced that this does not live up to what slide decks have to offer.

Before: Usually, slide decks are random collections from diverse materials. Key information are often hidden in a multitude of bullet points or wordy headlines.

After: Once reworked, a slide deck should be both, easy to understand and visually appealing.

Another way is possible

Focus and clarity with visual storytelling

At CAST PHARMA, we follow certain guidelines when designing slide decks. We develop core messages and structure the content accordingly to create a story. We then turn data and text-heavy elements into visuals that build up step-by-step. This breaks up information into smaller chunks, which helps the audience to focus on the most relevant content.