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The need

Every drug on the market is dealt with by large numbers of various and often changing experts -researchers, medical advisers, brand managers, and sales reps – and this creates a clear need for a comprehensive and exciting digital learning tool that can help everyone involved learn all the necessary information about the product. At a time when it’s normal for companies to have multiple branches worldwide, an easily translated and updated digital tool with which employees at every level can be brought up to speed is extremely useful.

We need a tool that can be quickly updated and that conveys valuable information in a very visual way

The solution

1,868 MB

of digital data


video and animation sequences


local adaptations

We developed an iPad-based learning platform that uses VISUAL STORYTELLING to engage and memorably impart important information to audiences. Through a combination of impressive 3D animations and videos, interactive options, and explanatory texts, this tool covers the full range of product-related knowledge needed by employees: anatomical basics, diseases to be treated, product features, studies, marketing strategy, digital selling, and more. Teaser videos introducing each subject draw in the viewer, and even statistical data is presented in a way that actually makes learning fun. Each chapter ends with an evaluation feature that lets users test themselves and consolidate knowledge. All together, the result is a digital learning resource that can both train new employees and help keep highly trained/experienced staff up to date.


Product details
Preclinical studies
Clinical trials
My iPad
Digital selling tutorial
Ladder of agreement
Company details

This digital tool was very well received within the company and is currently being adapted and delivered to country affiliates. After all, a good ROI can be best achieved with global distribution and it’s important that even employees on opposite sides of the globe have the same supporting information about both the science and marketing direction for the new therapy. This creates a unified approach to a product and so a more effective product launch.

In the end, however, this was more than a project creating a set of excellent products: after three years of intensive collaboration on numerous digital iPad tools, an enduring, trust-based partnership between the client’s project team and CAST PHARMA has developed.

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