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Develop engaging tools
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Visual storytelling for scientific training

In pharma and biotech, employees, whether in medical affairs, marketing, or sales, must grapple with the science behind a product. They need to understand the disease and the therapeutic area. Teaching this extensive and continuously expanding body of knowledge in the shortest possible time is a major challenge. Visual storytelling offers training teams a variety of tools for making complex topics accessible.

Empower your team
to excel at their jobs

build interactive, SCORM-compatible eLearning modules.

Use the power of visual storytelling to

produce medical animation and explainer videos.

create engaging slide decks.

design engaging activities for live and online training.

develop interactive eLearning modules.

craft powerful infographics, one-pagers, and job aids.

Free medical training brochure

In this brochure, we talk about how to challenge learners without overwhelming them, how to attach meaningful goals to a learning, and what type of learning works best for different topics.

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Drawing on scientifically supported theories about how people learn, this eBook will show you the opportunities visual storytelling provides, how it can be used to achieve the best results, the development of a typical project, and 12 tips for motivating your staff to learn.

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