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Explaining the Mechanism of Action of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Compounds

Your various target groups, such as healthcare professionals, patients, investors and shareholders demand tailor-made information about product benefits. Most importantly, scientific and product-related facts such as the underlying mechanism of action have to be communicated effectively, within the industry and beyond.

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Explaining unknown Disease Pathophysiology

Explaining the mechanism of a disease (MoD) or the disease pathophysiology in a clear and concise way is crucial to help healthcare professionals, patients, investors, and other target groups fully understand a disease.

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Learning more about Visual Tools for Clinical Stage Companies and Biotech Startups

You have a promising investigational compound to address an unmet medical need. However, there are many hurdles on the way to a successful product, and it is often necessary to convince others of your compound‘s potential. Above all, results need to be communicated to various target groups.

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Transforming Studies and Scientific Data into impressive and understandable Visual Stories

Do the following situations seem familiar to you? The trial results for your product are excellent. They are, however, also extremely comprehensive, full of data and difficult to understand. With the help of Visual Storytelling, scientific studies, data and processes can be simplified and explained more clearly.

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Presenting engaging Content at a Congress Booth

For your congress booth, you are after the one idea that will make all the difference. Virtual reality and interactive touchscreens offer new possibilities for your next trade show.

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VISUAL STORYTELLING will work for you

For our globally operating clients we create memorable 3D mechanism-of-action animation films, powerful presentations, and interactive applications for congress booths and tablet devices. Visual stories can be delivered as video, smartphone or tablet application, congress booth highlight, powerpoint presentation, graphic for print purposes and any type of interactive application.

Our clients are at all stages: from biotech companies with emerging pipelines to established pharmaceutical and animal health companies with numerous approved products.

Clinical Stage, Biotech, Pharma

Engage healthcare professionals and patients with breathtaking visual tools and spread a better understanding about your investigational compound or pharmaceutical substance.

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“Our Project was very complex and first we where a bit sceptical about the short time frame.

But everything went smooth and CAST PHARMA really exceeded our expectations. Excellent!”

Head of Business UnitRenal Care, Abbott

“Thanks a lot for your support in this project which will be useful for patients across the world.”

Senior European Product ManagerEndocrinology, Genzyme

“In a cooperative and helpful manner, the CAST PHARMA team supported us and our vision to produce a high-quality mode of action film.

We are completely satisfied with the team and the final product!”

Product ManagerOncology, Roche