Whitepaper: How to get the most out of your scientific slide decks with VISUAL STORYTELLING

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How to get the most out of
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Slide decks are a staple in the pharma and biotech industries. Everyday countless new decks are created. They explain clinical studies, detail a product and its market position, and serve as training tools. While a lot of time is spent thinking about what should go into these decks, often very little time is spent thinking about how this information should be presented. The result? Poorly designed slide decks that lack a consistent scientific story and do not consider the audience they are meant to inform.

In this whitepaper, we look at how slide decks are typically used, highlight common mistakes, and demonstrate how visual storytelling can transform the way you communicate the science behind your product.

What’s inside?

Your data has an important story to tell. And your audience will benefit from learning that story. With clear, appealing visuals and a solid design, your scientific story will make a big splash. This free whitepaper will show you ways to significantly improve your existing slide decks. And we’ll also take a look at some more creative uses of PowerPoint.

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In an online one-on-one workshop, Stefan Wolf, founder and CEO of CAST PHARMA, will explain how to turn mediocre slides into scientific visual stories that impress and convince. You will learn how to ensure that your message not only reaches your audience but stays with them.

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