Visual Storytelling Update



Have you ever sat down, after spending hours and hours putting together a slide deck, and found yourself going back and forth between the individual slides, feeling less and less certain that they are going to do the job? What about checking the key facts and trying to determine why—if they were all included—the key message wasn’t clear?

Can you remember the stress and frustration you felt? Maybe worry, that your work would be poorly received by colleagues or superiors? Or anxiety that the audience would not understand the message you wanted to share?

Then our Visual Storytelling Update is just right for you!

Once or twice a month we would like to provide lessons made up of practical, concrete tips, specific to medical and scientific slide decks, animated videos, medical learning and training solutions or engaging interactive applications.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please sign up now and start learning how to make complex medical science accessible!

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