A medical masterclass
complements eLearnings and
expert presentations and makes up for
any of their limitations

Medical training in collaborative learning scenarios

Science communication in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry plays a fundamental role for the successful education and training of medical affairs. The knowledge which has to be transferred to the target audience is usually highly complex due to the large amount of specific data, scientific facts, and the interconnections between them. To facilitate the learning process, different learning and training tools with different approaches are necessary. These tools build upon each other to develop employees’ skills, knowledge, motivation, and flexibility over time.

A MasterClass is a medical training based on a flipped classroom model. It is designed to engage participants in a collaborative learning scenario that activates their knowledge, reveals misconceptions, and closes any gaps in their knowledge.

Instead of being in a passive role like during e-learning courses or one-way instruction, the participants have to become active and apply knowledge they have previously acquired. As a result, the learners will have the ability and confidence to communicate effectively with their target audience.

Make your medical training stick with science-related board games.

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