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Visual Storytelling – More than Meets the Eye

A picture is worth a thousand words! Although the effect of visual stories in marketing, learning, and training is undisputed, there are still many marketing materials, slide decks, and training programs that contain a wasteland of dense text illustrated only with complicated tables and charts. Vivid images, meaningful infographics, and impressive animations reach your target audience and communicate complex issues quickly and easily.

Multimedia Applications

Scientific Illustration

The simplest way to tell a scientific story is through still images. These can be used in many ways: on websites, in presentations, and as printed materials.

Animated PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is now available on almost all devices and offers an impressive range of options for telling visual stories without the need for programming.

Scientific Slide Deck

Slide decks exist for almost every product, but only with a consistent visual story can they successfully address their target audience.

Animation Film

Animated films take the audience on a journey through the body or into the cell, for example, to explain disease pathophysiology or the mechanism of action of a product.

Comprehensive Training Material

Comprehensive Training Material

When packaged in a consistent visual story, visual elements such as illustrations, infographics, animations, and interactive applications ensure considerably better learning results.

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