Less is more – the key to success: interactive applications vs. films

Both interactive tablet applications and conventional films (incl. brand story, mechanism of action, mode of disease and study results) are very effective tools in their own right and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Read more

Making of Medical 3D-Animation

Behind the scenes at CAST PHARMA

Our clients visit us regularly to discuss projects, exchange experiences, and see how we work firsthand. It is especially fascinating for them to look over the shoulder of a 3D animator and observe the creation of a 3D animation live. Read more

Procurement and Sourcing

Procurement and sourcing – who would you recommend for this job?

When brand teams in pharmaceutical companies need a special service for their product, the path usually leads to procurement. Brand teams frequently have questions like: Read more

Stereoscopic 3D Animation

Stereoscopic 3D animations

Stereoscopic 3D animations need technical expertise. But a great show is not enough: huge amounts of scientific information can be communicated memorably when combined with an ingenious story. Read more

How much does a mode-of-action animation cost

How much does a mode-of-action animation cost?

In our day-to-day work we are often asked “How much does a mode-of-action animation cost?” and “How much do you charge for one minute of animation?” Of course, there is no one answer to these questions. The cost of a project depends on a variety of factors, including: Read more