Team discussions – benefit from the knowledge of peers

Team discussions allow learners to benefit from each other’s knowledge and to close their individual knowledge gaps in small teams. They also offer learners the opportunity to scrutinize their current knowledge and obtain new insights in the process.

Gagné‘s steps of instruction

Educational psychologist Robert M. Gagné’s general guidelines can be extremely useful when designing effective learning systems. Read more

Strengths and weaknesses of expert presentations

Expert presentations are widely used for training medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry. While having a number of advantages, expert presentations alone are insufficient to prepare medical staff for their professional responsibilities.

Dual coding theory

Psychology professor and writer Allan Paivio hypothesized that visual input and verbal input are processed differently in the human mind and the information learned is then organized using mental codes corresponding to these separate representations. Read more

Load management

Another very important point to consider when designing educational tools is the perfect balance between holding the learner’s interest and avoiding an exhausting overload of information. Read more

The essential role of coffee breaks for collaborative learning

Having regular coffee breaks contributes to the success of MasterClass collaborative learning scenarios. It gives learners the chance to get together after a set of activities and presentations to discuss the topics they have learned about.