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Case Studies


3D Stereo for Launch Events

Wow your audience with stereoscopic 3D animation movies and create highlights for international presentations or meetings 


Targeting the right audience

Examples from the fields of asthma and COPD show many uses of Visual Storytelling for doctors, patients, and members of the medical field. 


Solutions in Swine Business

From 3D mode of action animation video to interactive magazine – Finding new distribution channels in animal health 


Challenges in Neurology

From challenge to partnership Maximize your ROI with Visual Storytelling through integrated eLearning, eDetailing, and iPad presentation tools 


Projects / Indications


Acoustic Neuromodulation

Challenging conventional therapies


Rare Disease Awareness

Reaching a widespread global patient community


What is COPD?

Creating awareness with Fast Sketch animations


Understanding Hemophilia

Visualizing the coagulation cascade comprehensibly


HER3 as a New Target

From film to high-gloss booklet


Stroke Prevention

Visualization of an existing story


Reconstitution Guidelines

Preventing adverse reactions


Prostate Cancer Vaccine

Reaching out to stakeholders and investors


Assisted Reproduction

2 million clicks on YouTube


Mycoplasma in Poultry

Team-up with the natural defenses


Importance of Vaccination

Reminding pet owners about necessary vaccinations


Bowel Cleansing

Illustrating a sensitive subject


Ulcerative Colitis

Dress to impress - protective coating shields active ingredient


The Morning-After Pill

A delicate subject explained


Long-acting parasiticide

Winning back customers from OTC brands


Bipolar I Disorder

Introducing a novel drug class


Endometriosis Treatment

Establishing a novel endometriosis therapy


Breeding Optimization

Familiarize producers with state-of-the-art fertilisation techniques


New Drug Delivery Method

Explaining an enzyme-based delivery for an established drug


Same Drug - New Galenics

An absorbing short story


Inhaler for Asthma

Sophisticated design meets efficacy


Scar Treatment

Introducing patients to self-treatment



Convincing HCPs of a product's efficacy


Postpartum Hemorrhage

A frightening but preventable complication explained


Magn. Resonance Imaging

Focus on patient safety


Vaccination in Poultry

Broad protection against infectious bronchitis


Visualization of Research

New targets for COPD and asthma treatment


Inducing Cervical Ripening

Informing and guiding HCPs to successful labor induction


Journey of the Toxin

Interactively follow the path of a pharmaceutical substance


Parasitic Co-infection

Sketching it out for pet owners and veterinarians


A Matter of the Heart

Acute Coronary Syndrome made understandable for patients


Asthma Treatment

Learn how particle size affects the drug distribution


Hepatitis B Treatment

Mechanism of an infectious disease


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Explanation of the MoA of a monoclonal antibody


Contoured Diaphragm

Patient instruction for a hormone-free birth control


Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Informing the public about the risks of UV light exposure


Spot-on Skin Treatment

Depicting a new formulation against actinic keratosis


Proton Pump Inhibitor

Innovative galenic for a generic


Vitamin C Deficiency

Corroborate the need for a high-dose infusion


Lung Carcinoma

Sensitively providing information to patients


Cardiac Arrhythmia

Introduction to the treatment of atrial fibrillation


Type II Diabetes

Guiding the management of blood glucose levels


Insulin Therapy

Providing therapeutic background information


Brd. Spectrum Parasiticide

Broad spectrum spot-on treatment for pets


Ileitis in Swine Herds

Helping producers identify a subclinical disease


Antifungal Therapy

Training pharmacists for customer inquiries


Right Heart Cathether

Introduction to cardiac catheterization


Feline LUTD

Educating cat owners on the causes of FLUTD


Alzheimer's Disease

Explaining a disease interactively for a congress booth


TNF-alpha Antibody

Treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis


Hair Growth

Depicting the complexity of rapidly growing matrix cells


Ventricular Assist Device

Educating patients about assisted ventricular support


Cardiorenal Syndrome

How a new drug ends a vicious pathological circle


Bovine Viral Diarrhoea

Explaining the importance of BVD vaccination

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